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Trust us to be a reliable

partner for your business.

Our Story 


Established in 1992, Adhi Nata Karya (ANK) has more than 25 years of experience in printing and packaging industry in Indonesia. Started from a desire to create a high-quality printing and packaging products, ANK now has a complete line of first-rate machines and experienced workforce ready to serve various needs of the market from Offset Printing, UV Offset Printing, Flexible Printing, to various packaging applications.

With the motto of “Excellent products that make you smile”, it is our commitment to create high-quality products which turn ideas into reality. We believe that packaging is an essential part of human experience which should bring delight on every sight and every touch. We take pride in our design and production details from shape accuracy, color combination, quality control and timely delivery to create the best-in-class products. 

We have been trusted by major Indonesian and International companies in various sectors from Cosmetics, Electronics and various Consumer Goods. We establish a close working relationship from design to delivery to ensure all needs are correctly met. Our creativity and work ethic creates premium quality product and unique experience for our clients.


Why Choose Us



We treat our clients as “partners”, working together to turn ideas into reality.



We ensure premium quality product with first-class production facility and quality control processes



We believe in creating

a product which brings

delight to people

Service Excellence

We are committed to have close communication with our client and deliver products at the agreed deadline

Our Clients

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